Atticus Resources Inc.

The Atticus Approach

The process begins by clearly defining and understanding the clients requirements. Meeting with clients is a critical factor in ensuring the best possible individual be found. In researching the technical department, the hiring manager's expectations and the corporate culture we are able to thoroughly understand the criteria required to add value and grow within the environment. By evaluating all areas we are ensuring a long term relationship for both employer and candidate.

The next step is conducting a full market search for the ideal candidate. All searches are initiated from our database which has a team dedicated to ensure that we have the latest information on candidates in the Calgary market. The second phase of the search process is networking which generates the greatest volume of interest, as a large portion of our work is based on referrals by the industry experts. The final stage of Atticus's search is exhausting an aggressive in-depth market search.

The majority of the I.T. Professionals that we work with are not actively searching the market, they are working for your competitors. We are in the business of presenting your opportunities to qualified I.T. professionals.

All applicants are screened and only those that meet or exceed the defined requirements will have their resumes submitted. Interviews are designed to ensure we understand a candidates technical ability, motivating factors and their career plans. If they are in line with the hiring managers criteria only then will candidates be referred. References are checked by focusing in on those areas that are most critical to the position to ensure a proper fit.

Past experience has proven that creativity, communication and a commitment to excellence are essential in establishing long term relationships with valuable clients and I.T. professionals.

Finding Success